ordering plants

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order way
    Please, send your order by usual e-mails to address ordering plants. Mention the species name, plant size (size category in the chart) and a number of individuals or seed packs (if more than one). Do not forget to add delivery address please. You can pay by bank transfer (or suggest your prefered way if bank transfer is really no an option for you). If there is something wrong with your order, we send a reaction with solution suggestion.

minimal order value, postage,...
    The minimal order value by post is 20 €. We add the postage and packing fee to the order – 11 € within Europe, 13 € outside Europe. After sending your order to our email you will receive the quotation with confirmation of plants availability. In the case of extra big & heavy parcels we will discuss shipping options individually.

    We usually dispatch the plants at the beginning of the week (Monday) following after the order is paid. Immediately after the dispatch you will be informed by the e-mail. The plants are delivered usually at the end of the week (EU), eventually the next week (outside EU). Usually it is possible to send the plants from May to October (November), but some of them, mainly trees & shrubs in suitable time only (fine climate period in spring or autumn). In winter (December - February) we do not dispatch the plants, only under certain circumstances, when the customer assumes the risk with transport in winter. Orders sent in winter time are not registered, because in spring before season beginning we do the supply revision. The seeds and dormant organs can be sent during the whole year without any problems. Personal collection of plants is also available during the whole year. The actual case of selling plants you can verify here. Please note, shipping during these unsettled times is at buyers risk only.
plants collection in person
    Some plants (bigger sized) are available only for personal collection, what we generally prefer. There is a comment in the chart next to the plant description, next to plants which are possible to be taken only by personal way. The plants and seeds is possible to collect in Partizanske, Slovakia. The personal collection is available only after personal agreement (it is necessary to prepare the plants before the export).

    We provide discounts when you take a bigger amount of plants. Specifically: above 10 pieces (11 – 100 pcs) of plants of the same species - discount 5 % from the price of the species; above 100 pieces (101 and more) of plants of one species - discount 10 % from the price of the species.

other notices
    We send most of the plants bare-root. Mainly carnivorous plants (and many others) could be delivered damaged if sent potted with substrate. So during executing the order, please prepare appropriate pots and soils. We dispatch the plants in closed bags (with moss). According to tests the plants survive two weeks without any problems and after one month they are still alive.

    We supose that the customer knows what he orders and he knows how to manipulate with the plants. He receive an e-mail with notices, advices (resulting from actual vegetation stage of ordered species) together with confirmation of sending the order. If you did not found needed information, do not hesitate and ask us. We do not take responsibility for wrong manipulation with the plants on buyer side. We do not recommend the begginers to buy the plants according to pictures only, but according to cultivation conditions and own possibilities.

    Sometimes there is not available an individual of guaranteed size, so in these cases we send more smaller-sized individuals of the species. If you do not agree with this solution, please write it into your order. If you prefer rather a bit cheaper/smaller specimens or bigger/a bit more expensive plants, please write into your order "cheaper / smaller" or "bigger / I pay more" and we will pack you plants of different size according to standard size interval and price will be adjusted relatively. Of course only if there are such a plants in the culture.

    If you do not find species you want in our chart, write us about them. It is possible that in the collection culture there is a free individual, eventually an offshoot or cutting. We are able to provide nearly whatever plant you want (of course after agreement and the price can increase excessively).

    In the column Actual availability is written the maximal count of plants which is available from the actual species. When there is written ∞ sign, it means the amount of plants is sufficient. Please, do not order plant, which is written 0 in this column. These species are not available momentary and are being prepared to the supply.

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